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Sunday, August 31st, 2014

I’m back … I AM BACK!! Actually I have always been here just “out of reach” to my blog. Spring has come and gone and now we are at the end of summer 2014. If I could just chat with the “time fairies” I would love to entice them to slow down this constant “marching of time, thing”. I’m looking for the “slow passage of time” how about you?

Since I last posted I have done so many projects … for classes, for the two amazing “zines” that I write for (Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine and Scrap & Stamp Arts), projects for Clearsnaps’ catalogue and of course projects for my loved ones in the form of tags and cards for their special days. Almost all of them have been created using Clearsnaps pigment ink and Clearsnaps, Fluid Chalk line which is a blend of dye and pigment. Some people have asked me … why pigment ink when so many people like to play with dye based products. I would love to say that it is “just the rebel without a cause” in me but in truth it is because of 3 major reasons:

1.     Pigment ink is the most light fast of all the mediums out there. This is important to me as I display many of my projects and love to use them as home decor. When we used to display all the projects I made for the store that my family owned we learned very quickly that anything created with dye based ink would fade fairly quickly under the fluorescent lights or goodness forbid in bright sunlight. Therefore I began using pigment ink and this quickly resolve the issue. I loved “creating new samples” but not so much “redoing” a great sample just because it had faded.

2.    Once I started using pigment ink because of the “loss of color in my projects” issue, I began discovering that beyond the wonderful light fastness of this amazing medium it was also capable of multitasking in exquisite ways. With every slip of a stamp or with every kind of  “whoops” that happened while I was creating, I discovered more techniques that this medium was capable of. It quickly became my  “go to”, embossing ink …  my “go to”, resist ink and my “go to”, “easy coloring of images”, ink. It is my “go to”, “creating background of all manner” ink and more.  In fact I am still discovering what pigment ink is capable of.  It seems to me that with pigment ink I have a bottomless “stamp pit” of new ideas.

3.   Pigment ink is WATERBASED …. therefore cleans up with water. Stays wet for an extended time but can be instantly heat set! Okay, so I am over 3 reasons … why did I start counting anyway? Lol.

Screens, Stylus & Stamps. An accordion style card/mini album class, loaded with techniques to be used for creating whatever your "creative heart" desires.

Screens, Stylus & Stamps. An accordion style card/mini album class, loaded with techniques to be used for creating whatever your “creative heart” desires.

Another beautiful project BUT that is not the focus ... the focus is all the paper altering techniques we will be exploring. The project ... just a bonus!!

Another beautiful project BUT that is not the focus … the focus is all the paper altering techniques we will be exploring. The project … just a bonus!!

With all this being said … my classes for both the Great Canadian Scrapbooker Carnival, put on by Canadian Scrapbooker and the Scrapbook Central, Fall Retreat on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, are just around the corner. In these classes I will be sharing a plethora of ideas and techniques that go far beyond the project that we will create. In the classes it is the techniques that I share with you that are important. I will teach you how to alter white paper using stamps and ink and we will achieve this in so many unique and wonderful ways. These techniques can go anywhere paper (fabric, wood, clay etc) and stamps can go. They can be used for scrapbooking, art journaling, card making, tag making … YES! and home decor too. We head in the direction of a beautiful project but “that” beautiful project takes “second place” to the techniques we use to create it. If you have stamps and ink and you do not use them any where nearly enough … I invite you to spend some time with me and my stamps and my ink … I know that you too will be as addicted to this art form as I am!

The samples you see here are from the classes taught at Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine’s, Great Canadian Scrapbooker Carnival and they are also “2” of the “5” classes I will be offering on Vancouver Island at Scrapbook Central’s, fall retreat. Stay tuned and cross your fingers … and your toes AND I will soon put up photos of the 3 other classes that will be taught on the island. I promise .. I promise .. I will try. Those “time fairies” and I just need to catch up.

YES! ... this ALL used to be white Superstock and with the techniques taught in my "Screens, Styluses & Stamps" class you can create and create and create. Seen here ... background paper for a scrapbook page or for a card, tags, a scrapbook page and an art journal page.

YES! … this ALL used to be white Superstock and with the techniques taught in my “Screens, Styluses & Stamps” class you can create and create and create. Seen here … background paper for a scrapbook page or for a card, tags, a scrapbook page and an art journal page.


Yummy projects all executed with pigment ink techniques taught in the "Unbe"leaf"able Mini Album Class. YES, the project is delicious but really the project is only "desert" ... the "meat" of the class are the techniques I will share with you.

Yummy projects all executed with pigment ink techniques taught in the “Unbe”leaf”able Mini Album Class. YES, the project is delicious but really the project is only “desert” … the “meat” of the class are the techniques I will share with you.


Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Christmas inspires me to the heart of my being. I love making “everything Christmas”. My home does looks like a Christmas truck hit it and I love that. I have so many wonderful things baked to share that I have to store some in coolers on the deck. Don’t worry; it’s like -27 out there so it is all good. Tonight we are going shopping to finish up with all our gifts and then we will begin to make “new lists” for “the final everythings” we will need for our upcoming Christmas celebration with my children and grandchildren. I am so excited!  Christmas “is magic” like that. It simply wipes away the years and makes us all kids again

I am going to share one of my projects with you from this years “bevy of Christmas wonderful” that happened on my desk for this years festivities. I WILL do more of these. My hands “want” to do “Merry Christmas” just like this for my mantle but I am running out of time so it may have to be a project that I do over the next year, a segment at a time. I will have to admit, using Sizzix’s new “very magnetic” base REALLY helped with this as I was cutting the “circle frames” using Spellbinder’s, Grand Nestabilities, grand circles, two at a time to achieve the frame. This magnetic board is crazy, good … no tape needed to hold the dies in place and there is NO shifting. You NEED one of these!!


The large snowflake die is from Sizzix and yes, I cut my “Superstock” using this die and the “Superstock” had “Be Creative” tape on both sides so I could cut 2 of them to adhere together to make my snowflakes “double thick”, “Superstock”. The “Be Creative” tape on the outside was perfect for holding my Stampendous, shabby white, embossing powder.


The letters are dies from Sizzix and yes, they were cut from “Superstock with Be Creative Tape” applied so that I could make them TRIPLE thick! I want this joyful ornament to last for years!! I altered my “triple” thick letters with colours from the new “Taos” pigment, paintbox, stamp pad from “Clearsnap”. Love, love the colours within this palette. Remember you WILL NEED the re-inkers for your stamp pads to use them as much as I do. When you have the “re-inkers” you have the power to create endlessly. I do have letters on both sides of the snowflakes as you can “twirl” them. So with that in mind I used the “turtle” segment for one set of letters and the “chianti” segment for the second set of letters. I did use the “espresso” section to add depth to the bottoms and of course I embossed them 3 times. That made them even thicker = love that.


My ribbons are from May Arts and of course I had a wonderful time adding them onto my Dazzle Fibers from WonderFil, that linked all the parts.

Together all these wonderful products gave me a decoration I know I will treasure for years to come and thru the “magic” of Christmas I will STILL be 39 then!!


Merry Christmas everyone. With any luck and of course “little sleep” I will be able to give you another peek at some of the other projects that have happened on my desk before Christmas arrives BUT remember “I said”, “with any luck” (just in case).


“Dear Blog”.

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Dear Blog,

I am so sorry to have neglected you for so long. I get so behind with all the articles for the great magazines I write for, the projects for the classes that I teach and my commitments to “lia sophia”. Combine that with my life as a wife, a mom and a grammom and well, “you my sweet blog” get left behind. My travels will soon be at an end for the year. I have two more great events coming up and they have my attention at the moment. “Dear Blog” you are such a good friend for being so patient with me while I rush around with life. Well, the good news is I am taking a few minutes, right now to be with you.

Soon,  I will be in Oshawa at Scrapfest. There I will be teaching a wonderful Christmas Class where the attendees will learn loads of fabulous inky techniques all crammed into  3  beautiful cards and 3 tags. We will of course will start with my favourite white “Superstock” card stock and it will not be “white at all” when we are done. I will also be teaching a “technique taster” within the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine booth along side, the beautiful and talented, Karen Ellis, of “The Art House Studio”. There is going to be a whole lot of fun, shenanigans and very inky learning at this event. This is one of the reasons why you have been so neglected, “dear Blog” but I think you will like the projects that I designed to share with the lovely ladies at Scrapfest and you know that these techniques that I am teaching within these cards and tags can be taken to a larger piece of Superstock such as a 12X12 and they would be awesome ideas for an original scrapbook page. The ideas shared in this class will provide tons of “stamping entertainment” for the gals that take the class long after the class is done. It’s all about technique and these techniques will serve them well for many, many upcoming projects. Stamps and ink “are like that” … they just keep giving!


After Scrapfest I will be heading to Courtenay, British Columbia where I will be teaching a number of classes at an event I have taught at for the past few years (yup, I have lost count). Yes … the ink will fly here and the stamps will sing. I cannot wait to get there, Vancouver Island is so beautiful at this time of year and the event is almost oceanside …. be still my heart. Diane Baldwin of Scrapbook Central, hosts this event and over the years that she has done this we have become good friends. I not only get to share the “love of rubber stamping” but I get to spend quality time with her & her side kick Cheryl Penner as well.  Can’t wait to get there!!

This is a full weekend of sharing, inking, stamping and of course giggling. Haroldine Wingfield of “Be Creative Rubber Stamps” and Deanna Pannell of “In the Making Enterprises” will be teaching alongside me … you know, the originators of the “burnished velvet” technique that we have all loved and happily glittered with for so many years. They will be teaching an assortment of classes too and I know if you could “Dear Blog”, you would love to take a class from these two amazing, creative ladies that have an endless array of shiny pretty ideas up their creative sleeves.

The above “Christmas card/tag” class will be taught at this event too and I will attach photos of some of the other classes that will be taught on the Island as well. Remember, there is absolutely no “pre-printed” paper being used in any of my classes. We will be creators of everything. Ink and stamp will “reign supreme” as we move from one lovely technique to the next sharing the joy of  rubber stamping. The attendees at this event always leave inky and shiny … simply a wonderful event.

A tri fold mini album that sports a hidden pocket to hold more photos or maybe a gift card if you decide to make this a birthday card/album. Even the button "was" just white Superstock until my stamp pads attacked it.

A tri fold mini album that sports a hidden pocket to hold more photos or maybe a gift card if you decide to make this a birthday card/album. Even the button “was” just white Superstock until my stamp pads attacked it.



I have been many places since I last chatted with you “dear Blog”, from Vancouver to Toronto to Sherwood Park and Calgary. I have loved each and every event that I have been privileged to attend and share at. I love seeing old friends and making new friends and I thank Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine for believing in me, my stamps and my ink so much that they send me to such lovely places to share “my love of ink and stamps”.

That being said “dear Blog”, I do hope to visit and share with “you” more often …. you do have to know “dear Blog” that I do think of you often and would love to share much more often thru “you” more but until this life of mine slows down a tad. We will just have to have quality time where we can find it.


With smiles and hugs,


Wednesday, June 12th, 2013


I know, I know … I am so behind. Really, I run as fast as I can but and I do start early … sometimes “really” early and some how blogging just does not seem to fit in my day. I have “good intentions” but another day goes by and I did not make it here. Since the last time I blogged I have created soooooo many projects, for Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine, for Scrap & Stamp Arts, for Clearsnap’s catalog and advertising projects, for classes and of course for my family and friends. I share them in the wonderful ‘zine’s I write for and I plan to share them again, here but by that time  I am under another deadline and I am knee deep in ink creating another inky project. So the “project making” always seems to take precedence over the blogging.  One day, I will find the “elusive” time store, purchase 6 months worth of time or more and then I will be able to do all the things I set out to do.

I am getting ready to head out to “Be Creative Rubber Stamps” in Pitt Meadows, B.C. which is just outside Vancouver to spend a few weeks there teaching 5 classes. I am so excited about this as over the years, Haroldine has become one of my very best friends. Actually she is more than a best friend … I think we were meant to be twins and then the baby Angel got mixed up and sent her to British Columbia and me to Alberta. We actually work very hard while I am there but we giggle, laugh til we cry and create the whole time. ALL the ladies there, that take my classes are pure heaven to share with and Haroldine’s staff (who are really friends that work there) are such amazing people that my time there flies by and I leave with a heart full of treasured memories.

A tri fold mini album that sports a hidden pocket to hold more photos or maybe a gift card if you decide to make this a birthday card/album. Even the button "was" just white Superstock until my stamp pads attacked it.

A tri fold mini album that sports a hidden pocket to hold more photos or maybe a gift card if you decide to make this a birthday card/album. Even the button “was” just white Superstock until my stamp pads attacked it.


If you live in the area or simply will be visiting beautiful British Colombia you may want to check out “Be Creative’s” website, click on Cathie’s classes and sign up for a 3 hour class that sometimes (okay, alot of the time) goes longer because we do tend to have “a lot of fun” while we ink, stamp & create the time away. I would love to meet you or “see you again” if I have met you before. I’ve posted a couple of the projects here for you to peruse but they are all on Haroldine’s, Be Creative Rubber Stamp website. Notice the colors, these two projects have been created with Clearsnap’s, new, limited edition, pigment ink colors … a whole lot of yummy stuffed into 6 great new colors. Bring your smile and a few basic tools and we will make “white cardstock” sing!! When you see the projects REMEMBER … every single part of the projects start out as “white Superstock” and then thru the power of ink and rubber stamps & die cuts we transform “the white” to “anything but white”. There is NO preprinted anything in these projects. I promise you will take a “new” technique or two” home with you and some very special memories as well. See you there!

Tons of technique stuffed into an 8X8 birthday card that can be separated into 2 8X8 scrapbook pages with a matching package topper. Here my ink roar!

Tons of technique stuffed into an 8X8 birthday card that can be separated into 2 8X8 scrapbook pages with a matching package topper. Here my ink roar!


Friday, February 15th, 2013

I am a very lucky woman. I have had Brian, my wonderful husband, best friend & soul mate by my side for 18 years. He was sent to me at a time in my life when I truly had decided to never get married “ever again”. I thought that if there was a “good man, best friend, soul mate” out there for me and the “love angels” stuck him to a door and sprayed a big red heart around him, I would still miss him. This is when Brian re-entered my life. I remember being courted …I mean really courted. He spoiled me rotten, flowers, candy, wine, peanut butter (I love peanut butter) … he was on a mission, he wanted me and I wanted him “right back”. Although I had known him most of my life, for we actually went to the same schools and the same church but we were “just friends”. I am so blest that our friendship grew into love and “that” amazing love has been all around me these past 18 years. We have been thru thick & thin, good times and bad times. Brian has supported, comforted, simply loved me and I am so grateful to God, the angels and all that is good for bringing into my life. I will never cease to be amazed that he is mine. With that, here is his card that I created for him for “this” year’s Valentine’s Day …. I love you honey … YOU are STILL THE ONE !

Of course the card … every part of the card (except the fibers) started out as pieces of my white “Superstock” that you can buy thru Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine. It is still my favorite cardstock. 130lb white, matte cardstock that will take all I can throw at it and then some. Amazing for just about everything I create with my rubber stamps.

I used two sets of wonderful text from “Impression Obsession”. The text on the front of the card is from CL433, “Love you, MIss you” and for the inside I added images from CL425, “Truly, Madly, Deeply”.

I choose to use the pigment line of ink from Clearsnap, dune & black (I also used cranberry but forgot to put it in the photo) and of course clear, Top Boss for my images for I know that this card will go on the hutch of Brian’s desk and will remain there for a long time. His Christmas card is still up there and so is his birthday card from last year. I love that he appreciates and enjoys the cards that I make for him but I do worry that in just a couple more “special days” that you won’t be able to see “his hutch” for cards (lol)! By the way … that dune stamp pad is at least 10 years old or older … BUT I have the reinker so this stamp pad will probably be in my collection and good to go for another 10 years & more.

The frame for our photo was started with a “Superstock” white panel that was covered with “Be Creative” tape … the best two-sided, thin tape in the industry for holding glitter and never letting go. It is available in widths from 1/8″ to 12″ wide and in sheets too. It was perfect for my base layer of the frame that was “Glitter Ritz’s”, micro fine glitter in “regal red” from “In the Making”. Call Haroldine at “Be Creative” or Deanna Pannell from “In the Making” THEY ARE the originators of that burnished velvet technique that we have all loved here in Canada for so many years. Since developing that they have created so many more techniques with the glitter, dies and more. You WANT TO take a class from these ladies … they are simply “the best” at “everything that shimmers because of glitter” and they always, always have new ideas. ENJOY!




Monday, December 31st, 2012

Christmas has come and in this house it is still here. December 24th, 25th and 26th went by sooooo fast. If I could have one Christmas wish it would be that on those very special 3 days we could slow time down to a snail’s pace so we could lavishly enjoy each and every moment longer. The house was “spectacularly full” with my grown children, husbands and loved ones, my grandchildren and my grand dogs … oh, it was Christmas chaos at it’s best.

 I actually am going to make this a very short blog post. I had promised to share, this,  my “life’s love”, Brian’s, tag. Of course, it bears a photo like all the rest because next year this tag will be on “our” tree. I actually loved the simple design & the colors in this tag so much that I altered it and recreated it for some very special friends and neighbors … will they get them this year???? I am being positive  and saying “yes” BUT if it all gets crazy and my “window of time” disappears … well, I bet they will like them next year (lol).

This card/tag/ornament sports a wonderful pine sprig from “The Stamp Barn” which of course “Frog Whisker’s Ink, manufactures. The color palette is the alchemy, pigment petal point from Clearsnap. This amazing array of metallic colors was “fabulous” for me all season long and I think you may find me using this color combo in some upcoming projects for some upcoming classes. I am over the top in love with my “blue, blood red” embossed frame … oh, yeah … this is a fabulous combo of colors that I will be using over and over again. The die cuts are from “In the Making” …. thank you “Deanna” for creating these for us. They graced so many projects this year and I know they will be used over and over again next year too. Great dies are like great stamps … timeless.

Brian loves the card and it is on his desk on his hutch with his birthday card from this year. I love that he leaves my cards that I make for him, up for extended … sometimes wayyyy extended amounts of time. He fills my “Christmas heart” with so much joy …. can you see the tenderness I cherish in this man?

The inside of his tag/card/ornament … is simple but continues the flavour of the front panel. I cropped out my personal message to this man who stole my heart 18 1/2 years ago and continues to steal it every day but let it be known that he “fills” my Christmas heart.



Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

We are less than a week from Christmas and  I am so blessed to be able to share with you my 4 month old, “grandeversocute son’s” tag with you. In sharing this tag with you I am also sharing the fact that “by the grace of God”, our children are here and safe with us for this wonderful Christmas that is just around the corner. My thoughts, prayers and heart go out to those that will not have that, this year. I pray that those who are trying to survive the horror of what happened in Newtown Connecticut will be able to find peace, somehow. I have lost “loved ones” in my life and I still struggle but ALL my children are safe and I am so grateful for that. I actually thought of not posting “another tag” but I think in honour of the “angels” this world lost on that “earth shattering, tragic” day, I will continue with these “happy posts” of precious children for they bring so much meaning, love and joy into our lives. No words can ease the pain  but I hope by continuing to celebrate the “joy of children” we can honour all those who were lost,  the children and teachers that tried to protect them.


This tag was created using a solid little holly stamp that comes in a set  numbered CRS051 CU from “The Stamp Barn” that is now manufactured by “Frog’s Whisker’s Ink“. This “go to” little stamp has created the backgrounds for more projects than I can count …. it paid for itself years ago and now I actually think I owe “it” money (lol). I used my smack down technique to create the background which you will find all stepped out in both Vol. #6 of Canadian Scrapbook Basics and many, many articles that I have written for both Scrap & Stamp Arts & Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine. The colors I used were Clearsnap’s, ice blue, Fluid Chalk and Wisteria. Do NOT forget to get re-inkers for all  your stamp pads! Without the re-inker you are simply limited to what you can achieve. The snowflake die and the “mini tag” die’s are from “Impression Obsession”. I used moonlight, “Smooch” from Clearsnap and their frost, “Smooch Glitz” to alter my snowflakes … love, love that these products dry sooo quickly (and yet you know we can mess with that).

The elves are from my collection of “Printworks” stamps that I have from years back … I don’t know if they are still available but I have this entire set of elves that I have treasured for years. They were just soooo perfect for this tag that I HAD to use them. My ribbon of course was custom “sparkled” with Glitter Ritz, glitter and of course my “Be Creative” tape holds the glitter to the ribbon “perfectly”, this technique is also stepped out in “Vol. #6. So please enjoy my “Elias’s tag and know that this Grammom is hugging ALL her children and grandsweethearts each and every time she can.


Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Rowan is my 4 year old, grandhandsome son who makes my heart smile with his “non stop” chatting abilities. This little man did not even say “one word” until he was 2 & 1/2 and now of course he is making up for it. Papa (Brian) and I have spoiled “this one” too this year (so much fun) and here is the tag that will go on his “major” present. Of course, this tag will also be placed on “his very purple Christmas tree” (there IS a story here) as soon as they get home. I love this photo. It is Rowan early in the morning and comes with “bed head” (I love 4 year old “bed head”) and his amazing “cheese” smile. I do have a professional photo of Rowan that I could have used …. but this one was just “more Rowan”.

Here are the tools I used to create this tag/ornament. There should be a Clearsnap stylus in there too as that is what I used to create the plaid background on the tag. I hand cut a stencil from window plastic and if you look to the right of the photo it is there. I used my stylus to apply these amazing pigmented colors from Clearsnap ( I went for lightfast) to make my “white tag” not white, anymore. Two of my pads are in the “new format” that I love from Clearsnap. The updated lid tells you right on top that it is “pigment ink” and states the color. This makes my inky heart very happy. These are such important adjectives. Remember you need to know “what kind” of ink you are using when you stamp. It is like going to a paint store and asking for “indoor, semi gloss” paint as opposed to “deck stain”. Therefore “the style” of ink printed right on the top of the lid gives you the information that you need.  My “Merry Christmas” stamp came from this set from “Impression Obsession”. Clear sets are wonderful because of their price point and if you stay away from solvent based inks, store them hidden from light, they will last you a long time. I still have some of my very first clear stamp images and they are in great shape.

My die cut images are from the “wreath maker” set from “In the Making Enterprises”. Dee’s Distinctively Dies are built with a 3D eye and here I applied my favourite two-sided, thin adhesive, “Be Creative” tape and added “Glitter Ritz”, micro fine glitter. Sculpt and adhere with your favourite 3D paste (mine is “Yes” glue for oh! so many reasons) and your die cuts are transformed to embellishments that will make your creative heart “shine” (lol).The ribbons started out white too and then they were altered with my pigment ink colours and “Be Creative” tape combined with “Glitter Ritz” glitter. Custom coloured everything makes so much sense to me … I simply buy “white ribbon” …. no hunting for the perfect colour of ribbon I simply “make it”. By the way when you use pigment ink to create custom coloured ribbon it will stay soft. These techniques are taught in my book, Vol. #6 of Canadian Scrapbooker Basics that you will may want to place under your Christmas tree, “for you from you” & make a tag “for you” too while you are at it, for “you” need to be on your tree too. I love our memory trees. I love looking at all the tags from years past and seeing these wonderful grandchildren grow from year to year. Hmmmmm, for some reason their is “no tag” with my face on it …. I guess I should get on “that” so …off I go to buy me a present to put a special “me” tag on it (lol)!

I thought I would add a shot of the back of the tag for it needs to have the flavour of the tag carried thru. And this is a “Sizzix” die that I used for the “bracket”. It is a frame but I cut it in two to create a very cool, bracket. ENJOY!





Thursday, December 6th, 2012

As promised here is my grandson’s tag for his present from Brian and I. These tags I am making this year ARE over sized … why …. cause it’s more fun! The background on this one is the “rollersmoosh” technique I shared with you in the chapter “3D Abilities” in Vol. #6 of “Canadian Scrapbooker Basics”. I actually used the same roller stamp that I used in those projects. The colors I choose were yellow cadmium, amber clay, olive pastel (all of which are available in the autumn pastels, Fluid Chalk, petal point from Clearsnap) and then I added maroon, Fluid Chalk. I added more stamping with a spectacular, funky snowflake from Stampendous and of course the Judi-Kins, peace and love stamps brought the whole think together. The pine bough came from Dee’s Distinctively dies and the mini tag die that is so perfect for all my tags is from Impression Obsession. What a combo.

Yes, everything "except for "Mr. Grandhandsomeface" started out as white Superstock. Even the ribbon was simply white when I started. The background was achieved with yellow cadmium, amber clay, olive pastel and maroon Fluid Chalk from Clearsnap. The ribbon and one of the frames was brought to you by Clearsnap's, chianti, pigment ink and the yummy green frame and pine bough is Clearsnap's. silk green from the brocade, petal point. Now, that's a petal point EVERYONE should have ... and re-inkers of course!

My “Spellbinder’s dies, provided the frame and the frame, pine bough and tags are all embossed multiple times. One frame and ribbon were brought to you by chianti, pigment ink from Clearsnap  … yummy color and the green was the silk green from the brocade, metallic petal point …. this is a MUST have stamp pad and the re-inkers too of course! The face … well that is my handsome grandson, the “best embellishment” on the tag. This tag will look awesome on my daughter’s tree cause that’s where they all go! ENJOY!




Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Did you get your winter issue of “Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine” yet? In that particular issue I shared with you my recent twist on a fabulous technique that has been in my “stamping world” since almost the dawn of my stamping days. I have been using stamps and ink for 30 years and I am seeing so many “amazing techniques” become new “again” that I thought I would add to that “new again”. Of course … my version of “Joseph Coat” could not have happened without the original technique and I would love to give credit to the creative soul that came up with it but “that” was so long ago, that my memory of where it came from is not with me anymore. BUT I hope you are loving “my twist” AND if anyone remembers where the original idea came from, I would love to hear from you. I ALWAYS like to give credit where credit is due so a little help in this direction would be much, much appreciated.

In my last blog I shared a tag version, jump off of what was shared in the magazine and with these photos I just wanted to show you what happens when you change up the colors.  I added embellishments that are “jump offs” from ideas that I shared with you in the book that I wrote for the great “series”, The Canadian Scrapbooker Basics. Vol #6  that is now out and on the news stand or you can order directly thru Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine. Anyway, the colors for these tags that of course will be on some very special Christmas presents this year were robin’s egg and three colors from the provence pigment petal point, cerulean, merlot and chestnut. I then used the silver segment from the alchemy, metallic petal point that is of course pigment ink. Gotta love that pigment ink as you know that these colors are going to stay true for years and years and years. I finished up with frost white … yes, Clearsnap’s pigment ink line … ROCKS. Make sure you have re-inkers for your stamp pads because you will have so much fun making these  that I think like myself more  projects will jump off from these ideas and you will NEED ink to continue. Stamp pads  = your car …. re-inkers for your stamp pads = the gas.

The poinsettia of course is that “drop dead jumbo stamp” from Stampendous and the diamond die is from Spellbinders. The multi-level, mini tag die is from Impression Obsession and the “mini-tag” text image is from Impression Obsession too. The background images that I forced into my multi-layers of embossing are from Impression Obsession as well. … they have such cool stuff! If you like the “old world” feel to my “joy” and my frame, I used Clearsnap’s, silver metallic ink in combination with their asparagus embossing powder. Yes, the ink you cover your die cuts with WILL affect your choice of embossing powder and this combo was “old world, yummy”! So have a peek. I’ve included a photo of the original piece of cardstock that will of course become a page in the near future. Love, love how this custom colored piece of Superstock turned out. Remember … what you are looking at WAS all simply pieces of my favourite cardstock, white Superstock. The ribbon too was simply white ribbon and my Clearsnap pigment ink, changed that too. ENJOY!

STAY TUNED … there is more to come. Did you know that making truly special Christmas tags for my family is one of the hi-lights of my season. One day I will share with you a photo of my daughters’s Christmas trees. They truly are “memory filled” as they are covered in years of the tags I have made for them, most of them incorporating photos of them and of course my grandchildren. LOVE THIS!

Yes, Clearsnap pigment ink and a fabulous snowflake image from Stampendous made this white piece of Superstock “not even close” to white, anymore!


The first tag has no photo so it can grace any lucky present under my tree. By adding a beautiful photo of a beautiful, “grandyounglady” not only does it visually tell you who the package is for but Oh! What a keepsake!