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A Second Post.

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

It’s been a week and I have no idea where the past week went. To be truthful they all seem to go like that …. in a blur. I am truly multitasking on all levels. Currently I am planning my winter issue, for “Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine“, writing my November article for “Scrap & Stamp Arts”, writing 5 sets of instructions for classes I will be teaching in Vancouver and wrapping up designs I have completed for “Clearsnap”. Kitting my classes is well underway and I have to say with all the “paperwork” I have to do for the “paperwork” I do (okay, this could be called “paperplay”) … I simply just want to sit down and stamp. I’ve always wanted a little elf who sits besides me …. watches me stamp and then does all that “other stuff”. Does anybody know where “the elf store” is.

A crazy time, indeed to start a blog but I am trying to make this a priority too, so here is the second post. What I thought I would share with you is a demo board that I had in my store a few years ago where I had posted “a few” tags. Most of the stamps are still available and at a glance they are from “Magenta“, “Stampendous”, “Frog’s Whisker’s Ink” and “The Stamp Barn”. Note that all rubber stamp images from “The Stamp Barn” are now available thru “Frog’s Whiskers Ink as Rodney and Sharon from “The Stamp Barn” have retired. Ohhhh, and I see a few “Penny Black” images in there as well. Funny how I can sometimes forget what day it is but I seem to remember stamp images from years past (lol).

I know that each and every stamp pad that I used to create these fun tag ideas were from “Clearsnap”. I have always loved the quality of their ink and have been using it since the dawn of my “stamp life”. At some point I plan to dig up some of my earliest (didn’t want to use the word oldest) creations. These I want to share with you for a number of reasons:

1. To demonstrate just how truly stable the ink I love to use “is”. These “early” projects were hanging in my family store for years, subjected to fluorescent lighting and you will see they are as bright as the day I created them.

2. To share with you techniques that are STILL popular and current today. Good techniques never “grow old”. Somehow in the greater scheme of things they simply become “new again”.

3. To hopefully help you understand that although these projects and ideas are from years past, the stamps and stamp pads I used way back then to create them are still here in my possession to be used again and again. Stamps are tools that last a lifetime and the same can be said for your stamp pads when you have the re-inkers for them. My advise to you is simple … if you purchase a stamp pad … purchase the re-inker at the same time.

So back to the tags …. I shot the whole board and then isolated 3. Each and every tag started out as a white “Superstock” tag. “Superstock” has been by favourite cardstock for so long I barely remember using anything else. I know that a number of stores in Canada carry it but if you cannot find it you can order through “Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine”. Since the closing of my family store it has been difficult to find and I am so glad that this fabulous magazine has made it available to you with a simple email or a phone call.

So have a peak at the tag ideas and if you need “clarification” on any particular one, leave a comment and I WILL get back to you. Please be patient with me if it takes me a few days but I promise …. I will get back to you. ENJOY!

Although these techniques are presented here as tags, by simply making the projects bigger and stamping more, the ideas are easily transferable to create cards and scrapbook pages.


























I love to "subdue" an image so that I can add another image over the first or add text. Yes, this is totally possible with your rubber stamps by combining them with the right stamp pads and re-inkers. This technique has been published in both magazines I write for and in the second book I wrote for "Canadian Scrapbooker Basics". Check out "Stamp Filtering" in Vol. #3 of that great series of books.















Basic stamping in layers combined with edging and bordering ideas and of course "sparkly, way fun, fibers" from "WonderFil", makes a tag worth keeping in a very, special, baby book.































Here's a blast from the past, Clearsnap's style stones. I loved altering these for use with my projects. Clearsnap had frames and shapes etc. etc. How I wish I could wave "my rubber stamping wand"and bring them back!
























With smiles and inkiness oh! “so much” inkiness,


My very first post!

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Well, here I am entering the “world of blogging”.  Dare I say I am looking forward to this journey where I will share “little whispers” of my life and my “rubber stamping passion” with you. Nervous … you bet. There seems to be so much to learn but I am hoping to be able to “blog” as easy as I find it to “facebook” and I can remember when “that” made me nervous too …. there are just so many buttons to push (lol) and I want to make sure I push all the right ones. So be patient with me as I find my legs in this new adventure and I promise to share with you projects and ideas that I have been “playin” with for the past 30 years.

I usually always start out with white paper and with my stamps, stamp pads and amazing stamp toys/tools I love to take white paper to a place where it is “not white anymore”.  I do make most of my embellishments with my rubber stamps as well. I work my stamps and stamp pads to the max and I use techniques that I have stumbled upon over the years by playing, experimenting and making mistakes that in all truth become “not mistakes” when I realize that I simply ended up in a place that I did not intend on going.

I will be sharing my work/play with you here and of course thru “Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine” & “Scrap & Stamp Arts”, two magazines that I have been writing articles for, for many years. You will also find my work/play on the “Clearsnap” blog and the “Clearsnap Inc.” facebook site …. just as soon as I figure out how to do all that.  This “baby blogger” has a lot to learn.

I thought it would be fun to give you an idea of how much I have to share with you … stacks and stacks and drawers and drawers of cards … and album after album, demo board after demo board and chest after chest filled with projects that I have taught or simply created for the love of creating. We may be at this “a little while” (tee hee).

This is just one of the trunks I store scrapbook pages in, albums are stored elsewhere ... so many ideas to explore and share.

Just "a few" of my demo boards loaded with cards, tags, scrapbook pages and stamped, paper craft projects of all kinds, almost all created with "Clearsnap's" powerful line of stamp pads and ink.

Just a small sampling, one of the many boxes, drawers of cards that I have made over the years. The techniques are still wonderfully fun although some of the stamps are now collectibles. Oh the sharing that can happen here.

So there you have it, I DID IT, I DID IT (although I will check to see if this worked the instant I hit “publish”) and if you happen to be “as enthusiastic” as I am about this wonderful world of stamping, stamp-booking (scrapbooking with “a whole lot of rubberstamping involved”) or paper crafting of any kind I hope you find value in my up coming posts, ideas and projects. We WILL get “inky” and you WILL need “re-inkers” for your stamp pads because we are going to use them to the max.

Have a great day everyone and I will be back soon with photos of past published projects and glimpses of more to come!

With smiles and ink ……. lots and lots of ink,