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Babies are Magic & so is Fluid Chalk & Smooch.

Friday, August 12th, 2011

It’s another post … it’s another post! AND wonders of wonders I have moved past numbering them. This one is going to be a bit different from my other posts as I am going to share a project with you. I want to share with you a delightful little card that I have created using “Fluid Chalk”, black pigment ink, and Smooch. I will be attending Scrapfest in Minnesota in September and this is one of the samples that I will be taking along with me.

This card began with altering a 5X7 panel of white, matte Superstock using pink pastel, “Fluid Chalk” and a little creamy brown “Fluid Chalk” around the edges. Superstock will take whatever I throw at it and come back for more. I did not alter the center of the panel because I knew my next panel would cover it. “That” … looks like “this”.

Next I altered the panel that I cut with my “Sizzix”, fanciful album, die using ice blue, Fluid Chalk and creamy brown, Fluid Chalk. For those of you that love Clearsnap’s petal points as much as I do, three of the colors I am using can be found in the soft pastels, Fluid Chalk, petal point and the rouge color can be found in the sunrise, Fluid Chalk, petal point. I used my “stamp smoosh” technique that I stepped out for you in my last Clearsnap, blog post on July 23, 2011. Using a small butterfly stamp from Hampton Arts, Graphic 45 set, “Once Upon a Springtime, Three“, I “stamp smooshed” my way to a great background and then using the same stamp and rouge, Fluid Chalk I stamped a few “normal images” to complete the panel.

Cut a small panel of “Superstock”, (love this cardstock, LOVE this cardstock) that measures, 2 5/8″ X 3 3/4″ and after altering this panel with ice blue, Fluid Chalk, edge it with your favourite light blue marker. Stamp the little fairy with black pigment ink and then stamp the same image on the little panel that you die cut when you die cut the panel with the Sizzix, fanciful album die. Iron these two panels “well” with a hot dry iron, remembering to sandwich the panel between two pieces of clean newsprint to keep your iron and your ironing surface clean and iron until the ink is not only dry but cured. Color the fairy on the “fanciful album panel” with your favourite markers and then alter the edges with creamy brown, Fluid Chalk. The beautiful part of stamping in pigment ink and “setting” the ink with a hot dry iron is you can even color in with alcohol markers like “Tria” and the ink will not pull. The pigment ink is much more light fast than any dye inkpad, this makes Cathie a happy girl! AND, AND if you happen to have one of the new “Mixed Media” stamps pads in black from Clearsnap you will notice that it requires less heat setting to “cure”. I have to say I am loving this new, “very thick and very luscious” pigment style of ink Clearsnap has given to us. I really like the new malleable or “slightly squishable” container. I am liking the “control for inking” this new style of stamp pad is giving me.

Add shimmer and shine to the fairy’s dress, scarf and wings with illuminate, Smooch. I love that there is almost no waiting for the “illuminate, Smooch” too dry. Using a glue with glitter in it would have meant I would have had to stop and wait until it was dry. Smooch dries very quickly so I can move on fearlessly. “This” is a happy thing.

Print out “Babies, are Magic” on separate lines using an open font such as “desdemona” in a size 72 on good quality printer paper. After cutting the text out in rectangles, apply a good two-sided tape to the entire back of these pieces. I used “Be Creative” tape in a width wide enough to cover the piece in one “go”. Then after adhering them to my “Superstock” I can alter using fluid chalk ink and color the text in with pool, Smooch. My printer paper stood up to “my abuse” because it was fortified with the “Be Creative” tape.

Create “faux brads” by punching out small circles or ovals and after sculpting them with a metal stylus on a soft surface, paint them with your pool, Smooch. Create custom colored ribbon by applying pink pastel,Fluid Chalk color to 100% polyester ribbon and ironing with a hot dry iron to set the color. Fluid Chalk is a “multi-surface” ink that allows you to travel from paper to ribbon to acetate and so much more. Ink a narrower, 100% ribbon with the pool Smooch. Yeah!! Smooch is a multi-surface ink as well and you can quickly set this by ironing or simply allow the Smooch to dry. Assemble all pieces as shown and don’t forget to “play” on the inside of your card so that the ohhh’s and ahhh’s continue all the way thru your card.