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Seeing Beauty with Fluid Chalk, Pigment Ink and Smooch.

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

I’m back with a quick and fun technique that allows you to create crisp, light colored, designs over a gorgeous dark, hand stamped background. Tomorrow I will be heading to teach at Scrapfest in Oshawa.This is one of the  demos that I will be sharing in Toronto at the Creativ Festival, Oct. 21, 22 &23. I love showing everyone the versatility and beauty of Clearsnap’s, Fluid Chalk and pigment style of inks. I will be using my favorite “re-postioner”, the “Cathie Allan, Position-it”, which is available to you thru “Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine”, to create this look. This is just one of the magical things you can do when you can stamp in the same place, exactly, as many times as you want. Then I will be showing you a “sparkle marble” technique that you are going to love to apply to all your projects.


Begin by stamping the hibiscus available from Frog’s, Whiskers Ink with deep lagoon, Fluid Chalk onto your tag and then use your stylus to apply more of this color over and around the images.



Repeat using blackberry, Fluid Chalk.

Set your tag into “The Position-it”, after using a temporary adhesive to adhere it to a larger piece of scrap paper. Tape the scrap paper down well to your baseboard with a removable tape and then guiding the stamp down into the corner, stamp the flower once again onto the tag using the blackberry, Fluid Chalk.

Remove the corner “sub-positioner” and place a reverse mask around the image you just stamped. Notice that I used two-inch, sub-positioner, that is available in a separate package. Having extra subs not only helps you move “into” larger projects (you are not limited to working in the corner of your project) but I love the “easily accessible tape room” the two-inch, sub, provides.  Using your Colorbox, stylus and a white foam tip apply, popcorn, Fluid Chalk as shown. Remember, although Fluid Chalk is a blend of dye and pigment inks it dries quite quickly so you do not have to heat set between layers.

Now you can put the “sub-positioner” back into the corner and re-stamp your image so the blackberry, Fluid Chalk, detail will be in all it’s glory.

Remove from your baseboard and stamp the text from “Magenta” with black pigment ink and emboss with clear embossing powder. Oh, you just have to love the depth & the layers = yum!

Tags always need a ribbon and rather than hunting for the right color I simply used my deep lagoon, Fluid Chalk to change my “cafe colored” ribbon to the perfect color for my tag. Iron to heat set with a hot dry iron.

“Whoops” … I almost forgot to share with you my “sparkle marble” technique that I shared with the wonderful ladies at “Scrapfest” in Minneapolis a few weeks ago and at both “Great Canadian Scrapbooking Carnival’s”. This will also be just one of the ideas I will be showing the ladies at the “Big & Small, Let’s Save Them All” event, on Vancouver Island. It is a way of achieving the look of those gorgeous sprays using Clearsnap’s amazing “Smooch”. All you need is a clear block, some water and any color of Smooch your creative heart desires. Place the,gold lame, “Smooch” on your block, spritz with a tiny bit of water, use you finger to displace the ink over your block and “stamp your Smooch” (I did remove my ribbon before “I stamped my Smooch” and then I replace it after I was done). I love the control I have and the “sprayed look” I achieve with out heaving my project. I love that with “Smooch” I can paint in detail, achieve watercolor looks when combined with “Top Boss” clear, create the look of “over the top” shimmer spray, gild flowers and so much more. All of this from a beautiful little bottle that I swear “Harry Potter” lives in and makes more for me with his magical wand because it lasts and lasts and lasts.

Ta, da …. done. NOW, look at the tag with your 5X7 eyes for a card or with your 12X12 eyes for a scrapbook page. Size and type of project is up to you.

So if you are in the Oshawa area, come and take a class with me at Scrapfest or see me in the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine, booth. I would love to meet you. If you live in the Toronto area come and see us at the Creativ Festival there. If you need a creative adventure then join us at “The Big & Small, Let’s Save Them All” event on Vancouver Island. The weekend long event promises you great food, beautiful accommodations, inky, creative fun and lots of giggles. I look forward to meeting everyone. ENJOY!