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Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Thought I would stop by and let you all know that my plan to “blog” more often has not transpired yet. I truly had that on my agenda but unfortunately my agenda does not get along with the time allotted to me in a day or a week or even a month sometimes. I have been at CHA in Anaheim, Cropaganza in Red Deer, “The Creative Stitches Alive” show in both Victoria and Abbotsford and I have been creating projects for both my articles in “Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine” and “Scrap & Stamp Arts”. To this I have added, creating projects for the up and coming “Volume 6” of the “Canadian Scrapbooker Basic” series. Yes, we are currently adding another volume, dedicated to …. you know it …. rubber stamping.  This book will provide an opportunity for me to share techniques that I consider timeless and some of my brand new ideas that I have been playin’ with since Vol. 2 & 3. In other words …..  =’s projects everywhere and …..  =’s very little time for blogging. BUT here I am and I have a “new plan” …. simply do a little every day … even if it is only a sentence. So let’s see how this goes.

In Anaheim I taught classes for Clearsnap in their booth, which I believe are available on line and I also taught at Cropaganza in Red Deer. I was honored and privileged to share my techniques with some wonderfully creative ladies thru a number of classes at both events.  At the Creative Stitches Alive, shows I was demoing my “position-it”. You  know, the “two in one tool” that not only aligns images perfectly but allows you to stamp the same image in exactly the same place as many time as you want. I loved showing the ladies there just how this opens up so many “stamping doors”. Techniques that were not possible before are not “only possible” but “easily accomplished”. So have a gander at the following photos that are a direct result of the demo’s at these two wonderful shows and when I find another minute or six …. I will share some more. By the way …. today is day 3 “of how long I have been working on this post” … but it is all good …. I am “working on it” and that is a good thing!! Maybe, maybe just a couple more days and I can hit “publish” (lol).

Yes! … both these tags were “white superstock” to begin with. Actually, the ribbons began as a cafe color and were altered with my stamp pads too. The images that I choose to use, the “jumbo bird” & the “hugs or laugh” text are from Stampendous. The gorgeous flower  & “inspire, believe, dreams” text are from Magenta. The primary images were stamped several times, while locked into position on the baseboard of my “Position-it” using stamp pads and ink from Clearsnap.  If you love what you see, come and see a demo one day. I think you will enjoy “the process” as much I enjoy sharing them with you. Oh! and by the way … this took me 4 days but “who’s counting”!!


Colors from the pinwheel, pigment petal point.

Frost white, pigment ink and gold metallic.

Dark brown, creamy brown and blackbird, Fluid Chalk


Blackberry and ocean, Fluid Chalk

Black Pigment Ink.