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“Dear Blog”.

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Dear Blog,

I am so sorry to have neglected you for so long. I get so behind with all the articles for the great magazines I write for, the projects for the classes that I teach and my commitments to “lia sophia”. Combine that with my life as a wife, a mom and a grammom and well, “you my sweet blog” get left behind. My travels will soon be at an end for the year. I have two more great events coming up and they have my attention at the moment. “Dear Blog” you are such a good friend for being so patient with me while I rush around with life. Well, the good news is I am taking a few minutes, right now to be with you.

Soon,  I will be in Oshawa at Scrapfest. There I will be teaching a wonderful Christmas Class where the attendees will learn loads of fabulous inky techniques all crammed into  3  beautiful cards and 3 tags. We will of course will start with my favourite white “Superstock” card stock and it will not be “white at all” when we are done. I will also be teaching a “technique taster” within the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine booth along side, the beautiful and talented, Karen Ellis, of “The Art House Studio”. There is going to be a whole lot of fun, shenanigans and very inky learning at this event. This is one of the reasons why you have been so neglected, “dear Blog” but I think you will like the projects that I designed to share with the lovely ladies at Scrapfest and you know that these techniques that I am teaching within these cards and tags can be taken to a larger piece of Superstock such as a 12X12 and they would be awesome ideas for an original scrapbook page. The ideas shared in this class will provide tons of “stamping entertainment” for the gals that take the class long after the class is done. It’s all about technique and these techniques will serve them well for many, many upcoming projects. Stamps and ink “are like that” … they just keep giving!


After Scrapfest I will be heading to Courtenay, British Columbia where I will be teaching a number of classes at an event I have taught at for the past few years (yup, I have lost count). Yes … the ink will fly here and the stamps will sing. I cannot wait to get there, Vancouver Island is so beautiful at this time of year and the event is almost oceanside …. be still my heart. Diane Baldwin of Scrapbook Central, hosts this event and over the years that she has done this we have become good friends. I not only get to share the “love of rubber stamping” but I get to spend quality time with her & her side kick Cheryl Penner as well.  Can’t wait to get there!!

This is a full weekend of sharing, inking, stamping and of course giggling. Haroldine Wingfield of “Be Creative Rubber Stamps” and Deanna Pannell of “In the Making Enterprises” will be teaching alongside me … you know, the originators of the “burnished velvet” technique that we have all loved and happily glittered with for so many years. They will be teaching an assortment of classes too and I know if you could “Dear Blog”, you would love to take a class from these two amazing, creative ladies that have an endless array of shiny pretty ideas up their creative sleeves.

The above “Christmas card/tag” class will be taught at this event too and I will attach photos of some of the other classes that will be taught on the Island as well. Remember, there is absolutely no “pre-printed” paper being used in any of my classes. We will be creators of everything. Ink and stamp will “reign supreme” as we move from one lovely technique to the next sharing the joy of  rubber stamping. The attendees at this event always leave inky and shiny … simply a wonderful event.

A tri fold mini album that sports a hidden pocket to hold more photos or maybe a gift card if you decide to make this a birthday card/album. Even the button "was" just white Superstock until my stamp pads attacked it.

A tri fold mini album that sports a hidden pocket to hold more photos or maybe a gift card if you decide to make this a birthday card/album. Even the button “was” just white Superstock until my stamp pads attacked it.



I have been many places since I last chatted with you “dear Blog”, from Vancouver to Toronto to Sherwood Park and Calgary. I have loved each and every event that I have been privileged to attend and share at. I love seeing old friends and making new friends and I thank Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine for believing in me, my stamps and my ink so much that they send me to such lovely places to share “my love of ink and stamps”.

That being said “dear Blog”, I do hope to visit and share with “you” more often …. you do have to know “dear Blog” that I do think of you often and would love to share much more often thru “you” more but until this life of mine slows down a tad. We will just have to have quality time where we can find it.


With smiles and hugs,