Posted by cathie on December 31, 2012

Christmas has come and in this house it is still here. December 24th, 25th and 26th went by sooooo fast. If I could have one Christmas wish it would be that on those very special 3 days we could slow time down to a snail’s pace so we could lavishly enjoy each and every moment longer. The house was “spectacularly full” with my grown children, husbands and loved ones, my grandchildren and my grand dogs … oh, it was Christmas chaos at it’s best.

 I actually am going to make this a very short blog post. I had promised to share, this,  my “life’s love”, Brian’s, tag. Of course, it bears a photo like all the rest because next year this tag will be on “our” tree. I actually loved the simple design & the colors in this tag so much that I altered it and recreated it for some very special friends and neighbors … will they get them this year???? I am being positive  and saying “yes” BUT if it all gets crazy and my “window of time” disappears … well, I bet they will like them next year (lol).

This card/tag/ornament sports a wonderful pine sprig from “The Stamp Barn” which of course “Frog Whisker’s Ink, manufactures. The color palette is the alchemy, pigment petal point from Clearsnap. This amazing array of metallic colors was “fabulous” for me all season long and I think you may find me using this color combo in some upcoming projects for some upcoming classes. I am over the top in love with my “blue, blood red” embossed frame … oh, yeah … this is a fabulous combo of colors that I will be using over and over again. The die cuts are from “In the Making” …. thank you “Deanna” for creating these for us. They graced so many projects this year and I know they will be used over and over again next year too. Great dies are like great stamps … timeless.

Brian loves the card and it is on his desk on his hutch with his birthday card from this year. I love that he leaves my cards that I make for him, up for extended … sometimes wayyyy extended amounts of time. He fills my “Christmas heart” with so much joy …. can you see the tenderness I cherish in this man?

The inside of his tag/card/ornament … is simple but continues the flavour of the front panel. I cropped out my personal message to this man who stole my heart 18 1/2 years ago and continues to steal it every day but let it be known that he “fills” my Christmas heart.


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  1. Janice Says:

    Truly beautiful. Love the picture of him with the baby, so tender. And my hubby leave his handmade cards up for extended periods of time too, he loves that I make something special for him.

  2. Dorina D Says:

    This is gorgeous and what a great idea and what a wonderful story of love everlasting. Thanks for sharing.

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