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Can you believe we are heading into the long weekend of August already! I so wish I could slow these wonderful, long days of summer down. They have not been as restful and carefree as I had hoped; but I keep trying. Always seems that something finds itself on my to do plate! This week I [Read the full post…]


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Another Friday…another WHERE YOU CREATE! Today’s creative space is really cool. We’ve shared a lot of great rooms recently but it has been a long time since we’ve shared a smaller space; not everyone has ability to convert an entire room into a scrapbooking space. I LOVE how Kelly has converted a closet into a [Read the full post…]

WHERE YOU CREATE with Lynn Walker

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We are back with another WHERE YOU CREATE. Not only is the room we are sharing well organized, the story of the room will speak to many. A room where family and friends gather to create. I envision it a room filled with laughter, stories and I am sure some tears…a creative, healing room! Let’s [Read the full post…]

WHERE YOU CREATE with Marlee Craven

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Friday again! That means we have another scrapbooking room to visit! We are off to Port Elgin, Ontario to swoon over Marlee Craven’s light filled room!   Hi Kim, I would love to share my Happy Scrappy Place with you!!!  I have beautiful French doors at the entrance of my room to allow some privacy and [Read the full post…]

WHERE YOU CREATE with Judy Beeksma

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Hope everyone is settling into summer! Kids are sleeping in, no lunches to make [YAH!!!] and even if you are working, there seems to be a weight lifted off our shoulders. I think it’s because there are still lots of hours of daylight left after the workday to play! If you are as fortunate as [Read the full post…]

WHERE YOU CREATE with Raymonde LeBlanc Cleveland

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We are back again with another WHERE YOU CREATE. We are heading to New Brunswick to visit Raymonde’s crafting room, I know you’ll want to get an invite to visit her…her room is full of crafty stuff. Corners and cabinets waiting to be opened to the treasures they hide within! My space is my little [Read the full post…]

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