Strong is Beautiful

By Christy Riopel

I took this shot at a very unusual event last summer. It was a head shaving party for my 16 year old daughter’s best friend. Victoria was diagnosed with cancer and though her prognosis was favourable she would have to undergo treatments and that would mean she could lose her hair. Now as an adult it is easy to say, “Better her hair then her life”, but to a teenage girl it must have been horrifying.

SUPPLIES: Stampin’ Up! patterned paper, ink, stamps, pen and adhesives.


Not her though, she took charge of the situation and threw a party, and shaved her head. Her courage was amazing and inspiring and this photo was so special to me. It required just the right paper that showed the strength of her heart and the beauty of her face. Using Stampin’ Up! paper and stamps I was able to make a custom paper that I think fits this page perfectly.

To create the background I used Stampin’ Up! Craft ink, Patterned paper and stamps.

When stamping the flowers I placed them in a wave pattern leaving some of the paper without the flowers revealing the back ground print.

Next time you are looking for just the right print, reach for your stamps and customize one just for your page.

PS – I am happy to report that Victoria is in full remission and recovering very well. She never let Cancer get her down. To hear more of her story  and follow her recovery you can find her on Twitter @CuzIBeatCancer.


10 responses to “Strong is Beautiful”

  1. Kelly says:

    Well, this layout sure puts my life into perspective. Thank you for sharing your inspiring design and story, Christy! This is AMAZING!

  2. KDG says:

    WOW! Gorgeous page, gorgeous girl…so happy to have a happy ending! Kids should not have to deal with these type of struggles!

  3. Tears in my eyes.Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.Your lovely lo certainly does it justice! glad there is happy ending!!!!

  4. Michelle V. says:

    I had cancer when I was 15 almost 16. Losing my hair was the hardest part. I could handle being sick from the chemo and go through all the tests but it was losing my hair that bothered me the most. People would ‘see’ that I was ill.

    I am now 38, married and a mother to 2 wonderful boys. All these years later I can still remember the first time a hunk of hair came out when I brushed.
    So glad to hear she made it through and did it being strong.

  5. Karen bradley says:

    This is absolutely stunning

  6. eileen says:

    A strong girl

  7. Darlene Whalley says:

    Oh my, that picture and story made me teary eyed for a couple of different reasons. Both are brave girls!!

  8. Karen Addison says:


  9. Wanda Tracey says:

    I am so happy to hear she is recovering.She is very strong and very beautiful and I wish her ALL the best.xxoo

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